Releasing April 28

Wishing for Wisdom from Your Future Self? You Got It. What if you could walk into a room with your younger self? Imagine the mentoring moments the two of you would share. Now, you can! It’s the human condition to wish we knew then what we know now. We all have things...

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Serve Local: Responding to our Community

We celebrate all the ways organizations are supporting people in their communities during this time of great need. Above & Beyond is living out the "SERVE LOCAL" part our model, Serve Local to Go Global. 1. We mobilized a community of people to bake 36 dozen brownies,...

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2019 Updates

What a year 2019 has been!  Above & Beyond is reaching the world for Christ, starting first at home. Together, let's send more to reach...

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A new milestone

We did it!!!  We have surpassed the milestone of assisting over 1,000 global messengers!  Not only have these Above & Beyond recipients taken the message of Christ to the nations, they have served over 15,000 in their local communities to earn their  funding award....

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His Radio Interview

Michelle Hoverson had the opportunity to share the Serve Local, Go Global story on His Radio in April.  If you would like a representative to visit your organization to learn more about Above & Beyond Missions contact...

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