Elizabeth Barnard’s Call to GoBeyond

Elizabeth Barnard has found a way to use her knowledge of missions to GoBeyond!  Elizabeth published Go Away Closer:  How Foreign Travel Stirs a Passion for Local Missions in February of this year and is using this opportunity to GoBeyond by donating a portion of the...

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Wynee Wally Shares the Joy of Short-Term Mission Giving

Hear why Wynee Wally supports Above & Beyond as a way of short-term mission giving. Short-Term Mission Giving With Above & Beyond Has Lasting Impact Each dollar donated to Above & Beyond makes your short-term mission giving impactful for years. For each dollar given,...

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Harrison – A Life Transformed

Our team was praying house to house in a poor bario in Matagalpa, Nicaragua when a young boy asked us if me if would talk to a friend of his. Actually, the boy’s invitation was “I have a friend who needs Jesus, come talk to him.” When I met Harrison, my eyes could...

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Profitable Returns

Recently I read an interesting definition for the word “invest,” to put money to use in something offering potential profitable returns.” As a supporter of Above & Beyond in 2013, that is certainly what you have done.  Here are some profitable returns we have already...

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