GoBeyond, Elizabeth Barnard, Above & Beyond, Come Away Closer

Elizabeth Barnard has found a way to use her knowledge of missions to GoBeyond!  Elizabeth published Go Away Closer:  How Foreign Travel Stirs a Passion for Local Missions in February of this year and is using this opportunity to GoBeyond by donating a portion of the proceeds to Above & Beyond, so other missionaries can be “doing what you are called to do where you are called to do it”.

Elizabeth (Statesville, NC) is a random researcher, blogger, missions consultant, traveler and family-oriented school nerd.  She tries to stay tuned in to see ways God shows up in the mundane and the amazing.  To be on this journey with Him is her way of going away closer.  In her book, Elizabeth states:

It is really hard for me to know where to begin on this journey that calls me so often to go, be and do.  Each part of the circle of missions near, and abroad has contributed to me being literally well rounded.  The depth in which I am able to see things locally and the breadth in which I have been able to see things internationally brings me back into the circle at different places all of the time.

Thank you for using your special talent Elizabeth to GoBeyond!!