MULTIPLY your impact beyond your lifetime.

Double Your Impact

Raising funds for short-term mission trips can be a daunting task. In my case, my entire family of five was serving as missionaries over the summer. Not only does the Above & Beyond project provide financial assistance for missions in different countries, but it also encourages people to serve right here in the home community. Jesus gives us the power and command to “GO” and share the Gospel and care for those in need. This program encourages us to make God’s mission a way of life locally and abroad.

Andy C.

Missionary Recipient

Multiply Your Impact

Above & Beyond supports today’s missionaries immediately, and tomorrow’s missionaries for generations. It multiplies your gift into an investment that benefits multiple people and ministries through an endowment model.

Typical missions giving is a one-time gift to a specific person for a specific missions trip. By giving to Above & Beyond, you can advance God’s Kingdom through numerous missionaries supported immediately and long into the future.

Alternative Giving

Through Above & Beyond your giving can impact the nations more than you ever imagined possible. Our missions foundation can help you liquidate non-cash assets such as publicly traded stock, real estate, gift cards, vehicles, and business interests.