The Great Commission CONTINUES

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In 2020, COVID19 forced us to stay but the Great Commission tells us to go. We believe the doors to the nations will swing open in 2021. It will be vital to share the Gospel through Christ’s ambassadors while it is possible to do so.

On average, Above & Beyond invests $400 per missionary. Would you consider helping one missionary’s journey? Your gift of any amount will join with others to make it happen.


Other Ways to Give to Above & Beyond

Mentoring Moments with Myself: Letters to My Younger Self about Life, Faith, Love and Leadership

Wishing for Wisdom from Your Future Self? You Got It.

What if you could walk into a room with your younger self? Imagine the mentoring moments the two of you would share. Now, you can!  

All proceeds from this book, written by Above & Beyond Executive Director Michelle Hoverson, in 2020 goes to Above & Beyond! So purchasing this book is a way to support Above & Beyond!

Employer Matching Grants

As of 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, Above & Beyond is eligible for many matching gift programs. Review the deadlines for matching gifts at your workplace. Your past donations may still be available for a match. Read More

IRA Giving

Give Through Your IRA

As If you are age 70 1/2 or older, you may give donations up to 100,000 a year directly from your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) plan to Above & Beyond without paying income tax on the withdrawl. Read More

Give to a Charity on Facebook for Birthday

Create a Benefit on Facebook

Celebrate a birthday, anniversary or help us on Giving Tuesday by setting up a fundraiser on your personal Facebook page to help send missionaries to the nations. 100% of the funds you raise will be directed to Above & Beyond.  Read More

Special Shopping Programs

Select programs as Amazon Smile, American Express and Buy4 allow shoppers to easily give to Above & Beyond. All you do is sign up, select your charity of choice and do your regular shopping Read More

Give by Mail

We gratefully accept donations via mail. You can set up an automatic recurring bill pay check through your bank.

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