Hear why Wynee Wally supports Above & Beyond as a way of short-term mission giving.

Short-Term Mission Giving With Above & Beyond Has Lasting Impact

Above & Beyond short-term mission givingEach dollar donated to Above & Beyond makes your short-term mission giving impactful for years. For each dollar given, a portion of the Above & Beyond donation is utilized this year to assist short-term missionaries, with the balance being invested to provide for tomorrow’s missionaries. After an Above & Beyond short-term missionary is approved for funding, they go and serve “above and beyond” in their local community or through a church outreach to earn reward points that are converted to financial assistance equal to 25% of their mission trip fee up to a $1,500.

Never thought about mission giving? Not sure how you can assist short-term missionaries? Consider a Go-Beyond Challenge. Just leverage what you like to do to and ask your friends, family and neighbors to sponsor you. Choose to shoot baskets, run laps, swim, walk, bike, bake cookies, or GoBeyond for your next birthday. It’s an easy way you can be apart of giving to missions to help send short-term missionaries to the nations.