profitable returns with Above and BeyondRecently I read an interesting definition for the word “invest,” to put money to use in something offering potential profitable returns.”

As a supporter of Above & Beyond in 2013, that is certainly what you have done.  Here are some profitable returns we have already experienced this year.

A mother and teenage daughter met with me early in the spring about her daughter’s desire to serve on a mission trip to Nicaragua this year.  When they realized what the trip fee would be for both of them to serve, one could see the hope and excitement leaking from their hearts.  Upon hearing how the  Above and Beyond program worked, mom exclaimed, “perhaps all things are possible.”  Mom and daughter served together in their community to earn the maximum reward points for their trip.  Upon their return home, I asked these two short-term missionaries to finish this statement, “Because I served on this mission trip…”  The daughter’s response; “Because I served on this mission trip, I am totally convinced I am called to be a missionary.”  The mom’s response … tears of joy.

Profitable Returns

Sacrificial giving made this missions experience possible for this mom and daughter.  Not only will they remember this trip forever, but a teenage girl’s destiny was defined and her eyes are now fixed on a God-size goal post.  Profitable return.

To earn Above & Beyond rewards in 2013, global-bound missionaries have — stocked shelves at the Habitat Restore, assisted in building homes with Habitat for Humanity; done yard work for senior citizens; pressure washed a deck and driveway for a recent widow;  offered carpentry work and painted rooms at the Mooresville Christian Mission; served at the Westside Olympics through Urban Restoration; serve at Olde Knox Commons Nursing home, painted at a church camp; and served at the Samaritan’s Feet Warehouse.  Profitable return.

As we invest in fulfilling The Great Commission  through Above & Beyond, we truly are putting money to use in something offering potential profitable returns.”

Running in the Race to Zero,

Michelle Hoverson

Executive Director